Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Gone to the Litblogs: What's Tops on Novelist Leslie Pietrzyk's Hit List

The first person to mention "litblogs" to me was novelist Leslie Pietrzyk. I said, "What?" Well, that was about two years ago and here I am blogging. Blogs have indeed changed the way books make their way into our culture (is there anyone under the age of 30 who still plows through The New York Review of Books?) And, as many long-time authors are finding out when they launch their latest books, fewer are being reviewed in print venues these days--- it's going to the litblogs. To help with the navigation, I asked Leslie for an update. Which are her favorite "litblogs"? She reports:

"Without fail, I read Maud Newton and The Elegant Variation. I also enjoy About Last Night, Babies Are Fireproof, Tingle Alley, and The Happy Booker. For writing biz stuff, nobody is better than Miss Snark, though Buzz, Balls & Hype comes close."

I also asked her, do you regularly read any other blogs?
"I don't even own a bike, but I find myself checking in with Fat Cyclist now and then because he's hilarious. And during the Tour de France, I read a couple blogs on the race (my fave is Okay, not officially a blog, and embarrassing to admit, but sometimes I check in with Television Without Pity."

(TV?! How does anyone have time for TV with all these blogs?)