Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Madam Mayo's Aura Analysis

Just home from watching the debate of the Mexican presidential candidates. Madam Mayo's analysis of the candidates' auras: Calderon's: big, bright, and clear. Madrazo's: Sooty gray, shaky. Lopez Obrador's: complex, filled with sinuously circulating thought forms, many colors (especially purple and yellow) and jagged. Mercado: lots of pink and well-shaped. Campa: brown and brownish-green, and close to the body. Other notes: Calderon has a sonorous voice. Lopez Obrador's got something going on with his tongue (why does he show it so often? A la George Bush.) Mercado: La Hillary a la mexicana. Excellent set of choppers. Madrazo: crabby fingers. Speaks from the throat, not the chest. Campa: well, I didn't really watch Campa. That was when everybody just started talking and going into the kitchen. Who will be Mexico's next president? I already answered that question here.