Saturday, June 03, 2006

Who Will Be Mexico's Next President?

The elections are this July and of course, "Chairman Mayo," who is Mexican, is going to fly down to Mexico City and cast his vote. The winner will be Felipe Calderon (pictured to left, with wife strangely obscured). I know this because my dad told me and he's psychic. I am not kidding. But hey, don't let that keep a whole lot of people from a whole lot of expounding! Last week, here in Washington, the Woodrow Wilson Center's Mexico Institute hosted a pachanga on the Potomac with Enrique Krauze (Letras Libres), Lorenzo Meyer (El Colegio de México), Jacqueline Peschard (UNAM), Andrés Rozental (Mexican Council on Foreign Relations), James Jones (ex-Ambassador to Mexico), Susan Kaufman Purcell, (University of Miami), and several others... Madam Mayo missed that one, however, because she was most definitely not in the Real World. Do check out the Mexico Institute's excellent Mexico Elections blog. Another good site: Lupa ciudadana. More anon.