Wednesday, September 27, 2006

History At Chapters A Literary Bookstore

A moment in Writer's Center history! If I do say so myself. Last night I gave the Writers Center's first-ever workshop at the Chapters Literary Bookstore in downtown Washington DC--- on literary travel writing. What an amazingly eclectic and talented group--- writing about Afghanistan, New Mexico, Positano, India... and a local backyard... (after all, one need not to go far to see with new eyes). Chapters is one of my favorite places in DC. It's a cozy little store with an unsually high quality selection of books-- and a breeze of a walk from the Metro Center stop. (About my literary travel writing workshops: I'll be offering more this fall at the Writers Center in Bethesda MD and also at the F. Scott Fiztgerald Writers Conference in Rockville MD. More info here.)

By the way, Chapters also runs a superb reading series. Tonight at 7 pm Janis Cooke Newman will be reading and signing her novel, Mary, a major new historical novel about Mary Todd Lincoln. Apropos of tonight's reading, Newman has a fun guest blog post over at Wendi Kaufman's The Happy Booker.