Thursday, December 16, 2010

Blogs Noted: Lofty Ambitions, Robert Lanza, Gecko Tails, Gelato Baby, BldgBlog, and More

Lofty Ambitions Blog
By Douglas Dechow & Anna Leahy
P.S. Check out their guest-blog post for Madam Mayo, Top 5 Aviation Museums.

NPR: The rediscovered album, the "mysterious masterpiece," "UFO" by Jim Sullivan
It really is fine. (Did they beam him up?)

HuffPost: Dr Robert Lanza, "Is Death the End?"
Time may be what you make it.

Gecko tails
By my amiga Julie Wakemann-Linn. She's the editor of Potomac Review and a writer--- now blogging (and writing) in Tanzania.

Joanne Leedom-Ackerman
More Africa: Sierra Leon after the eclipse

The Guardian: Mapping Facebook Friends
Ha, looks correlated with the entirely expected.

Gelato Baby
The pix are calorie-free.

Velly, velly twickee
How to get clicks on your facebook ads.

Pluma Fronterizo
Calling all librarians!

BldgBlog: City of Holes and streeeeetching time

SF Parking Super Efficiency Strategy
It's not for everyone. Oh so 2010. (Teux deux: get iPhone app.)

C. Westbrook Designs
3 D printed jewelry. And a case for the iPhone.

More anon.

How to Make Your Own Favicon in 5 Easy Steps

A favicon is a "favorites icon," a tiny picture that shows up in the browser's location bar. It's the same picture you'll see when you add a website to your home page.

# 1. Make an itsy bitsy pictureI like to use Apple's Keynote program, which is lickety-split.

# 2. Take a screen shot of itCommand-shift-4

# 3. Then save the screenshot as a "jpg"

# 4. Go to
Follow the instructions, and be sure to save your favicon as an "ico"

# 5. Plug the "ico" file into your website's html code

In my website for “Conversations with Other Writers,” in “source mode” it looks like this:

   < META NAME="description" CONTENT="Podcasts of C.M. Mayo's conversations with other writers" >
  < LINK HREF="/FAVICONS/conversations-favicon.ico" REL="shortcut icon" TYPE="image/x-icon" />
  < LINK HREF="/FAVICONS/conversationso-favicon.ico" REL="icon" TYPE="image/x-icon" / >
  < LINK REL="apple-touch-icon" HREF="/FAVICONS/conversations-ipadicon.png" />
  < TITLE>C.M. Mayo's Conversations with Other Writers: a series of occasional podcasts -- listen in on or itunes

  C.M. Mayo's Conversations with Other Writers: a series of occasional podcasts -- listen in on or itunes

I've noted in bold where you would substitute the name of the file of your own favicon.

An ipadicon is the same thing as a favicon, but for an iPad. Same instructions as above, but instead of making a jpeg, make a .png; no need to go to that website, just upload your .png directly into the html code.

A few of my favicons so far:

For my home page,

Maximilian von

Giant Golden Buddha: Daily 5 Minute Writing Exercise page

Madam Mayo Blog

Marfa Mondays Project

More anon.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Guest-Bloggers: Two Adorable Bostonian Ladies

Who have nothing more to say! Except, woof woof.

P.S. For $5, they'll "heart" you too, check it out at

Apropos of which, a found poem (from offers found on on December 10, 2010)

"I Will"


I will slice your psd into html and css
I will spy on your boyfriend
I will send you a laser cut and etched gingerbread man

the list of zombie survival tips
a Hot New Toy from SANTA
a birthday card signed 'Jackie Chan' and posted from Hong Kong
my secret blogger autoblogging technique
my Family Secret recipe for Yummylicious Oriental BBQ Chicken Wings
a rock that I have energized with Reiki in your name
6 origami straw stars

I will plan your wedding in an Irish castle
I will plan your trip to Singapore
I will answer 10 questions about Berlin, Germany

4 make-up and beauty questions
three surveys of your choosing
2 questions about being a Pilot
a Contact Lens question

Any question you have about the Navy
Anything you need to know about frogs

I will ask my Magic 8 Ball any question for you


Monday, December 13, 2010

Hell, I Knew It Was Paradise: Bob Van Wormer and the Beginning of Sportfishing in Baja

New podcast: a brief reading from my book, Miraculous Air: Journey of a Thousand Miles through Baja California, the Other Mexico (Milkweed Editions, 2007).


UPDATE: I just learned today, December 14, that Roberto Van Wormer, this beloved legend of Baja California, passed away a few days ago. (Strange, I had him so much on my mind in the past days... I had recorded the podcast without knowing he had passed away.) I'll post a more detailed link as soon as I can find one. Here's what I have for now (and when you click on the link, scroll down, way down, to read the comments).

P.S. You can subscribe to my podcasts on or iTunes.

Monday, December 06, 2010

Blogs Noted: University of Chicago on Friedrich Katz, Rachael Laudan on Mexican Potatoes, Joe Ahearn's Bat Terrier, Quarterly Conversation & more

University of Chicago News
Friedrich Katz, the great historian of Mexico, has died.

The Smartly NY
Deborah Batterman on (Un)American Activities

Rachel Laudan
On why Mexican potatoes are so lousy

Colonial Mexico

Conduit of Joy

John Cleese on Creativity

109 Year Old Man

Eddy & Schein
10 Mistakes to Avoid (note especially the one about ID.)

5 Ways Augmented Reality is Making Your Life More Sharable

History Unfolding
What You Learn in France

Pen Hallow Press
Independent publishing and letterpress publishing

The Quarterly Conversation
Fall 2010 issue

Eternal Earthbound Pets
Not a blog but, oh well, maybe when the Rapture comes...

Answers from SilenceAn enlightened take on 2012

Bat Terrier
Joe Ahearn's blog
A good on-line design mag. (video) San Francisco earthquake footage.