Friday, March 30, 2007

Leslie Pietrzyk's Fabulous New Litblog: Work in Progress

My amiga the novelist and short story writer Leslie Pietryzk--- she's the guilty party who got me into blogging last year--- now that I think about it, yikes, today is the one year anniversary of "Madam Mayo"--- has just started blogging! Her fabulous new blog is "Work in Progress" and today's post features Yours Truly, talking about literary translation and the new Tameme chapbook, Mexican writer Agustin Cadena's "Carne verde, piel negra," which I translated as "An Avocado from Michoacan." Leslie Pietrzyk is a writer I would love to see in more translations--- she's already in Dutch--- as her novels, Pears on a Willow Tree and A Year and a Day give a portrait of the US heartland that is rare find abroad. As for blogging, Leslie has been following the litblog scene long before I ever heard the term. Click here to read about her favorite litblogs. Leslie is not only at work on a third novel, but she teaches creative writing at various venues, including the Bethesda MD (near Washington DC) Writers Center so her take on "work in progress" is sure to be fascinating. More anon.