Tuesday, May 06, 2008

11 Cool Beans

I hereby share the links...

Brother Labeler
David Allen was not kidding, this gizmo will change your life. I realize that sounds really wacky. But I am not kidding, either.

For those who must text at all times.

Beautiful Beast Pet Portrait by Julie Feingold
She did Picadou's portrait with the monarch butterflies.

Derek Buckner UFO Painting

Holographic Portrait
Wouldn't it be interesting to keep one behind a little red velvet curtain?

Mexican Secretaire
Muy sofisticato.

Micro Expression Training Tool
But, actually, I think we were all born with the software installed.

Mutt Mitts Pinkies
The Cadillac of you-know-what bags! Read the poem!

This needs REALLY LOUD Scottish bagpipes. I think. Anyway, do the math, Sports Club LA dues + gas > Twike.

Vintage Turban
Dolley Madison a la Trailer Parque. Hon, why wait until you have to have the chemo?

Walking Wall Art
Can I have this in purple pugs?

More anon.