Monday, June 23, 2008

Combining History and Fiction: Eggerz PubSpeak in DC

One of the things I love about Washington Independent Writers is the Pubspeak series. This next one, on Thursday July 17, looks especially fascinating:
Combining History and Fiction:
Is it a Genre or a Sneaky Means for Imposing History on Readers? Your novel’s set in a particular time. Is it historical fiction? Solveig Eggerz, author of the novel Seal Woman, discusses this vaguely defined genre, exploring the importance of authenticity, research, and the relationship between historic timelines and the personal timelines of characters.

Seal Woman is set against the backdrop of Germany, Iceland, and Poland, 1930-1959. The main character, Charlotte, escapes bombed-out Berlin to work on a farm in Iceland. She’s part of the 1940s migration of some 300 Germans, most of them women, to Icelandic farms.
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