Monday, April 13, 2009

Tweets about Twitter

Light posting this week, as I'm working on a brief piece about twitter for (of all things) a literary journal. If you don't know about twitter, um, what planet on are you on? But what is it? The mutt's nuts, I guess. I figured I'd quote the literary tweeters themselves.

A few nuggets so far:

@trhummer Twitter is an aphorism machine

@Sandra_Gulland Twitter is "poetry of the mundane" @ChetG Page Six magazine

and say I:

@madammayo Twitter is fishing in Niagara

But that isn't the whole enchilada. It's also broadcasting / navel gazing / conversation... and why not a new literary genre?

@c_m_mayo Following no one, having no followers, she was like the woman in the back closet, grumbling at the blankets, existing on mothballed air

Read TR Hummer's post on twitter over at Mindbook.

More anon.