Friday, April 30, 2010

Staying Focused: Researching and Writing the Longer Book Project

Back in March I gave a talk for the Writer's Center's Leesburg First Friday series on "Staying Focused: Researching and Writing the Longer Book Project". At long last, I have posted the PDF of the handout.(See also "Resources for Writers.")

Here's a description of the talk:

To finish the marathon of writing a long book, more than talent, more than free time, more than anything, in fact, a writer needs mental toughness to avoid the myriad distractions, damaging self-talk, frustrations, and sometimes just plain old boredom along the way. C.M. Mayo, a long-time Writers Center workshop leader and author of several books, including a deeply researched travel memoir and, most recently, an epic historical novel based on the true story (and many years of original archival research), offers tips, tricks and more to inspire you to start, stay with, and finish your book.

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