Monday, October 15, 2012

Helios 6 and Francisco I. Madero's Manual Espírita (Spiritist Manual)

With many thanks to Manual Guerra de Luna, author of Los Madero: La saga liberal, and the screenplay for the film 1910: La revolución espírita, who so kindly gave me a copy of this issue, on my Resources for Researchers page, I've just posted some scans and translation of the cover and selected pages from Helios 6, 1911.

Edited by Spiritist author Rogelio Fernández Güell, and supported by Madero,  Helios was the main Spiritist publication in Mexico. This issue celebrated both Madero's election as President (when he had yet to take office) and the publication of his Spiritist Manual-- asserting, disingenuously, that Madero was not the author, "Bhima."

A frankly evangelical document, the Spiritist Manual stands as the clearest statement of the esoteric philosophy behind Madero's launching of the Revolution of 1910. I've published my translation in a Kindle edition and am about to bring out a revised and expanded edition for 2013.

Here's the cover:

English translation:

Mexico, October 1911


Publication of the Standing Board of the Second Congress of the Mexican and Latin American Spiritist Federation and Confederation

Tip. "Artística," Corner of Soto 4 and de la Violeta 1.

Here's the half page ad that appeared on the back cover:

This very important work by a renowned Mexican philosopher has just been brought to public light. A grand edition is availble at minimal prices in order to help spread the principles of our sublime philosophy.

PRICES Bound in high quality paper, $0.20. Bound in heavy paper, $025.
For 10 or more copies, 20 percent discount.
Send orders to the Office of the Standing Committee of the 2nd Spiritist Congress,
Violeta 4, Box 1500, Mexico City.

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View the rest of the pages and translations from Helios here:

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