Monday, December 10, 2012

Cyberflanerie: Creatives Edition

Poet and literary translator Zack Rogow is blogging his excellent advice--check out his recent post on why write poetry.

Novelist and short story writer Leslie Pietrzyk offers tips and reflections (Agony & Ecstasy) and recipes and a literary magazine-- Redux-- on her marvelous and long-standing blog, Work-in-Progress.

I just love-love-love Swiss Miss for her wide-open eyes and bodacious links-- most recently, to a treasure trove of designers' podcasts.

Over at Creative Bloq, 1000 Free Resources for Designers (weeeeeeee!!!)

Get seriously revved with Seth Godin's Lynchpin talk

I am pretty sure I'd feel more creative wearing some of these cosmic stockings (available from shadowplaynyc on