Sunday, March 30, 2014

Cyberflanerie: This 'n That 'n Cat Edition

Originally in Japanese! By Kaori Tsutaya, translated by Amy Hirschman, an uber weird 'n charming n' peculiarly practical book on how to make lots of little things, most especially felted finger puppets, from, yeah, cat hair. If you liked Knitting with Dog Hair...

Swedish UFO blog by librarian Håkan Blomqvist (in English) has a note about the book (in Swedish, alas) about the Rosicrucian Queen of Sweden who gave it all up to convert to Catholicism and live in Rome.

In the NYT, a Continuing Care Retirement Community's members rather alarmingly ask, Where's the Money?  Seriously, if you're all agog about these newfangled retirement setups, whether for yourself or your parents, check out this whopper of a caveat emptor.

(Speaking of cushy set-ups, and segueing over to a parallel concern, what I wonder is, why do people pay $$$ for membership in a club so they can plod like a blinkered mule on a treadmill and, at the same time, shell out more $$$ to someone else to mow their lawn? Either way you've got to take a shower afterwards. Seriously, I am not being snarky; I find this a fascinating question. I suspect the answer has to do with the stories people tell themselves. And some people tell themselves the stories that land them, happily or unhappily, in a CCRC.)

International jokes. Way better than Prozac.

Spectacular: Photographer Richard Barron's pix of the Four Corners region.