Monday, June 23, 2014

Cyberflanerie: Book Binding, Laundry Apps, POWs, Translations, Speedometers, Yogic Intersections & Etc.

Jeff Peachy has been binding books for 25 years

Silicon Valley's Laundry App Race (NY Magazine)

James Cecil Collier (1923-2014) RIP. One of the last of the POWs of WWII.

My dad's book, Captured: The Forgotten Men of Guamstill getting great reviews.

Roger Greenwald has just published GUARDING THE AIR: SELECTED POEMS OF GUNNAR HARDING. He says: "Guarding the Air is the first large selection of Harding’s poetry to appear in English: 112 poems drawn from eleven of the fourteen books Harding has published that contain poetry in verse. As well as line drawings by the poet, the book contains a brief introduction, a guide to the poetry in the form of Harding’s prefaces to his three Swedish volumes of selected poems, and extensive endnotes."

The spring issue of Ezra translation journal is out

Seth Godin on speedometer confusion

In case you were wondering, too: Swiss Miss asks, What is Alibaba?

Krishnamurti and Iyengar (Thanks for the tip, amiga K.)

"Horreo panorámico" in Margolles on airbnb.

Things That Don't Scale (hmmm… crunchy…)

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