Monday, July 20, 2015

New Transcript for the Podcast "A Conversation with Michael K. Schuessler About Pita Amor, Elena Poniatowska, Sor Juana, and "La Peregrina," Alma Reed

Michael K. Schuessler is one of the most knowledgable, dedicated and prolific scholars of the Mexican art and literary history. His fascinating and very fun podcast interview, for my occasional series, Conversations with Other Writers, recorded and posted back in 2012, now has a complete transcript.  

> As always, you can listen in to this podcast anytime for free on iTunes and Podomatic.

> Check out more Conversations with Other Writers, among them,  Sergio TroncosoRose Mary Salum, Edward Swift, Sara Mansfield Taber and Solveig Eggerz. How often do these come out? Oh, la de da, when the planets align and the spirits move me. (That's why I call it "an occasional series." These days my focus is on the Marfa Mondays Podcasting Project and my book in-progress on Far West Texas.) But for maybe this fall... I have another Conversations with Other Writers podcast interview in mind... a crunchily crunchy one... If you'd like to be alerted when any new podcast is posted, I invite you to sign up for my free newsletter which goes out every other month-ish.

I am this close to posting #18, my latest Marfa Mondays Podcast, a very fun and informative interview with a barrel racer at the West of the Pecos Rodeo in Pecos, Texas; in fact, I'd hoped to have it ready this afternoon. But I still need to edit my introduction and sign-off. Stay tuned for this one this Wednesday.

UPDATE: Just posted: Marfa Mondays Podcast #18: Lisa Fernandes, Barrel Racer at the Pecos Rodeo