Monday, September 05, 2016

Gene Fowler and Bill Crawford's BORDER RADIO, Plus a Batch of US-Mexico Border Cyberflanerie

The US-Mexico border: For most readers, so it would seem, those three words conjure ye olde as-seen-in-the-NYT problemos. But as I have posted previously (here and here and here, to offer a few examples of multitudes), the border has its wonders-- speaking of which, on its way to me via amazon is a book that promises to be a wacky fun read: Border Radio: Quacks, Yodelers, Pitchmen, Pyschics, and Other Amazing Broadcasters of the American Airwaves by Gene Fowler and Bill Crawford. Whoa, it has a foreword by Wolfman Jack! (I guess that tells you how old I am!)

P.S. Check out the wicked trailer for the documentary in-progress from the Border Radio Research Institute's Facebook page. (Alas I could not figure out how to embed that video. So just click on the link.)


More about Peyote

A few weeks ago I posted an extra-crunchy batch of notes under the title, "Peyote and the Perfect You." * Thanks to Gene Fowler, none other, who very kindly sent me the link, I have added to that blog post this link (embed rather) to "Amada of the Gardens" a fascinating documentary on peyotera Amada Cardenas (1904-2005).

*Marfa Mondays Podcast #22, not yet posted, scoots an hour and forty five minutes east on highway 90 over "The Town Too Mean for Bean," Sanderson, the Cactus Capital of Texas-- so stay tuned for more about peyote.

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>> Lobo Film Fest at the Desert Dust Cinema. Featuring a movie you can watch on YouTube: "Wild Bichons" by Stefan Nadelman

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