Monday, August 05, 2019

August From the Archives: “12 Tips for Summer Day Hiking in the Desert (How to Stay Cool and Avoid Actinic Keratosis, Blood, and Killer Bees)”

August 2019 finds me on vacation. Nonetheless, each Monday this month I will be offering posts from the archive (as usual, look for a workshop post on the second Monday; Q & A with a fellow writer on the fourth Monday).
12 Tips for Summer Day Hiking in the Desert 
(How to Stay Cool and Avoid Actinic Keratosis, 
Blood, and Killer Bees)
By C.M. Mayo
C’est moi on (whew) August 30, 2014 at Meyers Spring, an important rock art site of the Lower Pecos, on the US-Mexico border near Dryden, Texas. As you can see, in my left hand, I am carrying a
white umbrella. So I didn’t need the hat. And that black backpack wasn’t the best idea. I also should have worn a lightweight bandana. Oh, and more sunblock. Always more sunblock. Long-sleeved white shirt and hiking trousers both excellent choices, however.