Thursday, April 20, 2006

Gone to the LitBlogs: Beltway's List of Litblogs of DC and Environs

Kim Roberts, poet and editor of of Beltway, the wonderful on-line poetry journal, alerts Madam Mayo to the Beltway Resource Bank of Area Litblogs. Some of these are extraordinary. I was especially impressed by Baltimore writer Lizzie Skurnick's Old Hag-- a peculiar name for a really beautiful litblog. A good one, if like yours jam-packed with a gaba-zaba-bazillion nuggets 'o info, is Arts and Letters Daily. More peronal and laid back is DC poet E. Ethelbert Miller's E-Notes. There are Wendi Kaufman's The Happy Booker, Deborah Ager's 32 Poems, and my own (yay!) Madam Mayo (hey, click on that link and see what happens...) Some of the names are, shall we say, unusual: Home Schooled by a Cackling Jackal.