Monday, April 03, 2006

A Trio of Mexican Writers: Araceli Ardon, Ricardo Elizondo Elizondo, and Monica Lavin

Araceli Ardon's "It Is Nothing of Mine" and Monica Lavin's "Day and Night", both wonderful short stories translated by Yours Truly, have been posted for your reading pleasure on the National Public Radio website, along with Geoff Hargreave's splendid translation of Ricardo Elizondo Elizondo's masterpiece, "The Green Bottle."The National Public Radio website also has the audio of my interview about Mexico: A Traveler's Literary Companion and the art of literary translation. Araceli Ardon's story is set in Queretaro, the colonial city where she is Director of the Museo de Arte. Monica Lavin, whose story is set in Acapatzingo, near Cuernavaca, is one of Mexico's best-known and prolific literary writers. Ricardo Elizondo Elizondo, a widely-lauded novelist, lives in Monterrey, where he is a professor at the ITESM.