Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Mexican Immigration Story the US Media is Missing (So Far)

Gringos going south is a big, big story. (I've written about this at length in Miraculous Air, and in particular, the second chapter, "The Visitors," about the little Pacific coast farming-cum-artists colony town of Todos Santos.) With my new book, I've been amazed, at almost every book signing, someone tells me that they or a close friend are planning a move to Mexico. San Miguel de Allende and Ajijic are perennial favorites, it seems; newer destinations include the Los Cabos region (with Todos Santos), Tepoztlan (near Cuernavaca), and, above all, Oaxaca. Judith Haden, whose photographs appear in Matthew Jaffe's Oaxaca, recently brought to my attention Stan Gotlieb's "Real Oaxaca". For those of you interested in heading south, check out his choc-full-o-useful info "frequently asked questions". More anon.