Monday, December 11, 2006

Mexico: A Traveler's Literary Companion Nominated for's Mexico Travel Book of the Year

Mexico A Traveler's Literary Companion --- not a guidebook but a portrait of Mexico in a collection of Mexican fiction and literary prose--- has been nominated for's Best Mexico Travel Book of the Year Award. Voting is open from December 5 to January 12th. Click here to see the nominees and to vote. (Whether you vote or not, or vote for another book, please know that this anthology includes work by 24 Mexican writers, and numerous literary translators, all of whom deserve more recognition. It is my hope that this anthology will encourage more literary translations of Mexican writing--- as I note in the preface, "Mexican literature— a vast banquet— is one of the greatest achievements of the Americas. And yet we who read in English go hungry, for so astonishingly little of it has been translated. This is more astonishing still when one considers that the United States shares with a two thousand-mile-long border with Mexico.")