Sunday, January 25, 2009

Follow Madam Mayo on Twitter

Why do so many people seem to, in the words of writer Gina Hyams, "totally heart Twitter"? (And why, pray tell, do so many use it to describe their lunch?) I am still pondering these and so many other questions.

Who's on twitter? Obama, the BBC, Los Angeles Times, La Jornada, xensen (that's Right-reading blogger Tom Christensen), poet E. Ethelbert Miller, 32 Poems (journal), and, well, Madam Mayo, among about a ba-gillion others.

So far my "tweets" are almost all links to:
---> new Madam Mayo blog posts
---> old Madam Mayo blog posts (e.g., a year ago today)
---> the daily 5 minute writing exercise
---> C.M. Mayo news (publications, readings, workshops)
---> whatever else strikes me as interesting enough to share.
More anon.