Thursday, June 11, 2009

Literal & Last Prince in the Consulate General of Mexico in Houston, June 9, 2009

Pictured here are hosts Rose Mary Salum, editor of Literal magazine and Carlos Gonzalez Magallon, Consul General of Mexico in Houston; then Yours Truly; Professor John Hart, Chair of the Department of History, University of Houston; and Associate Professor Rogelio Garcia-Contreras, Center for International Studies, St Thomas University. This was taken just after the conclusion of the presentation of my novel, The Last Prince of the Mexican Empire, which is based on original research into the French Intervention and Mexico's Second Empire. In his remarks, John Hart made some fascinating comments about U.S. bankers and their little-known behind-the-scenes machinations on behalf of the Juaristas. Rogelio Garcia-Contreras quoted Milan Kundera-- I wish I could I remember the quote; it was something very witty about novels being the reliable sisters of history. Not pictured: Elsa Borja Ruy-Sanchez, the consulate's dynamic Cultural Attache. I am more grateful to all than I can say. More anon.