Thursday, June 04, 2009

Literal Lunch

Some weeks ago, a very fun lunch in Mexico City with poet Eduardo Chirinos, his wife Jannine (who took this photo) and my amiga Rose Mary Salum, writer and editor of Literal: Latin American Voices, which is based in Houston. (That's Yrs Truly in the middle.)

Ever since Literal first appeared on the scene, I've had the greatest admiration for Rose Mary Salum, for I know (from editing Tameme, first a bilingual journal, now a bilingual chapbook series) that it is no small task to gather quality work in two languages, publishing and marketing (aka "guilt management") and (I'm out of breath just thinking about it) getting it distributed. Literal is a first-class effort in all respects. And listen y'all: you can find Literal at Sanborn's in Mexico City!!

I'll be presenting my new novel, The Last Prince of the Mexican Empire in Houston this week--- first at Blue Willow Bookshop Monday at 7 pm, then on Tuesday, with the Mexican Consulate General of Houston and Literal with a light lunch. Both events are open to the public, though for the latter, RSVP. For further information, click here.

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