Thursday, September 02, 2010

Blogs Noted: Food Shark, Susan Coll, Paula Whyman, Susan Higginbotham, Wonders and Marvels, Staring at Strangers, and More

Food Shark
I totally want to eat here.

Wonders and Marvels
A gem of a blog. Be sure to read the page "about"--- paradigmatic, it seems to me.

The Morgue File
Free-- really free-- stock photos for bloggers. (This is where I found this photo of the ducks. What's with the ducks? Hope they're not going to the Food Shark.)

Staring at Strangers
From New York to Michoacan and Somewhere in Between by Jennifer Rose.

El Cosmico
Last I checked it hasn't been updated since February of 2009, but, well, great concept.

Michael Hyatt
Check out his posts The End of Publishing as We Know It and Shave 10 Hours Off Your Workweek.

Via Leslie Pietrzyk's Work-in-Progress blog:

Susan Coll for Bethesda Magazine
By novelist Susan Coll-- check out her latest, Beach Week, which is getting rave reviews.

Paula Whyman for Bethesda Magazine
Plus check out her Bethesda World News: News from the Center of the Universe

Medieval Woman
By Susan Higginbotham, novelist. Check out her post on Google.

P.S. Book humor!