Thursday, September 16, 2010

Blogs Noted: Neuronarrative, Listen Well, Rose Rosetree, Mex Files, Farmer in the Dell, Obit-Mag, American Egypt

By David diSalvo

Debbie Stier
Publishing expert. A treasure of a blog for those interested in where, by digital Jove, is this all going?!

Listen Well
Mystic audio.

Mex Files
by Richard Grabman, author of Gods, Gapuchines, and Gringos: A people's History of Mexico

American Egypt

Deeper Perception Made Practical
By Rose Rosetree. Movie star auras! Gray slime! This is must reading for novelists. I am not kidding.

A Farmer in the Dell
For those who love exclamation points! But seriously, this is a charming and informative blog. And the food looks delicious!


More anon.