Monday, October 11, 2010

Bio-Typing: Beyond Body Language by Johnny Seitz

Bio-Typing is a very strange but fascinating book by an autistic mime. (One of the blurbs on the back is from none other than Marcel Marceau.) The author says:

"Based upon how a person walks, stands and breathes, I can predict very accurately how they see themselves and how they approach problems and other people, and how best to establish a rapport with them and what not to do. The system has been greatly refined over 56 years of applying it in my own life...

As you read this book, you will discover my understanding of not just one, but three distinct patterns to human movement or actually muscle recruitment patterns to be found in the execution of everyday actions that include walking, standing and breathing. These patterns are immediately apparent if you know where to look. Your own body perfectly falls into one of them...

...These groupings transcend gender, age, race and culture. Surprising, as it may seem, a short, squat individual and a tall, lanky one can both fit into the same Bio-Type. Whether stocky or slim, whether an elegant dresser or a football player, they can exhibit similar movement patterns and be grouped into the same Bio-Type.

Perhaps more surprisingly, each person of a specific Bio-Type approaches and deals with other people in remarkably similar fashion. And in turn, any person of a specific Bio-Type can be effectively related to in specific ways with what you might call "rules of engagement"...

By recognizing that people think and act differently based on their Bio-Type, you can learn to set aside your own expectations and judgments...."

Ever since reading it yesterday, I watch people's feet as they walk and indeed, as the author asserts, people can easily be identified as "forward fallers," "backward fallers," or "torso-sway walkers."

Check out the website at More anon.