Monday, December 06, 2010

Blogs Noted: University of Chicago on Friedrich Katz, Rachael Laudan on Mexican Potatoes, Joe Ahearn's Bat Terrier, Quarterly Conversation & more

University of Chicago News
Friedrich Katz, the great historian of Mexico, has died.

The Smartly NY
Deborah Batterman on (Un)American Activities

Rachel Laudan
On why Mexican potatoes are so lousy

Colonial Mexico

Conduit of Joy

John Cleese on Creativity

109 Year Old Man

Eddy & Schein
10 Mistakes to Avoid (note especially the one about ID.)

5 Ways Augmented Reality is Making Your Life More Sharable

History Unfolding
What You Learn in France

Pen Hallow Press
Independent publishing and letterpress publishing

The Quarterly Conversation
Fall 2010 issue

Eternal Earthbound Pets
Not a blog but, oh well, maybe when the Rapture comes...

Answers from SilenceAn enlightened take on 2012

Bat Terrier
Joe Ahearn's blog
A good on-line design mag. (video) San Francisco earthquake footage.