Thursday, December 16, 2010

Blogs Noted: Lofty Ambitions, Robert Lanza, Gecko Tails, Gelato Baby, BldgBlog, and More

Lofty Ambitions Blog
By Douglas Dechow & Anna Leahy
P.S. Check out their guest-blog post for Madam Mayo, Top 5 Aviation Museums.

NPR: The rediscovered album, the "mysterious masterpiece," "UFO" by Jim Sullivan
It really is fine. (Did they beam him up?)

HuffPost: Dr Robert Lanza, "Is Death the End?"
Time may be what you make it.

Gecko tails
By my amiga Julie Wakemann-Linn. She's the editor of Potomac Review and a writer--- now blogging (and writing) in Tanzania.

Joanne Leedom-Ackerman
More Africa: Sierra Leon after the eclipse

The Guardian: Mapping Facebook Friends
Ha, looks correlated with the entirely expected.

Gelato Baby
The pix are calorie-free.

Velly, velly twickee
How to get clicks on your facebook ads.

Pluma Fronterizo
Calling all librarians!

BldgBlog: City of Holes and streeeeetching time

SF Parking Super Efficiency Strategy
It's not for everyone. Oh so 2010. (Teux deux: get iPhone app.)

C. Westbrook Designs
3 D printed jewelry. And a case for the iPhone.

More anon.