Monday, August 13, 2012

Marfa, Texas: What's Next?

Over at National Public Radio's website there's a brief article, Marfa Texas: An Unlikely Art Oasis in a desert Town" by  Neda Ulaby, and link to listen in to the Morning Edition show about Marfa, TX.

As for my own writing and podcasting project, "Marfa Mondays: Exploring Marfa, Texas & Environs in 24 Podcasts," though I'll be covering the fascinating and vibrant art scene there, I'm writing a book -- as yet untitled-- about the Big Bend region. Along the lines of my travel memoir of Mexico's Baja California peninsula, Miraculous Air, I'm delving into the natural, cultural, economic and political history, interviewing all variety of people, and venturing into both obvious and odd pockets of a mind-blogglingly huge area. Rather than write articles as I go (though I may still do that), I've been posting a podcast per month-- and will do so through the end of 2013.

So far (just click on the link to listen in):

Jan 2012 Welcome & Introduction

Feb 2012 Charles Angell in the Big Bend

Mar 2012 Mary Bones on the Lost Art Colony

April 2012 Avram Dumitrescu: An Artist in Alpine

May 2012 Cynthia McAlister: The Buzz on the Bees

June 2012 Marfa's Moonlight Gemstones

July 2012 We Have Seen the Lights (on the Marfa Lights)

What's next? It involves lithium and Elvis and a wee art gallery so remote you have to hike to get to it. Tune in on the 20th of this month. 

Just a few likely future topics: Apaches, Egyptian architecture, astrophysics, rock art, charismatic megafauna.

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