Monday, August 27, 2012

Social Media Post-Adolescence

The other day via, I think it was Swiss Miss, I came across designer Lauren Venell's blog post on social media, "Stop Buying Garbage." Of late, I too have found the whole social media thing, and in particular, facebook and twitter, a giant yawn. At first-- for me, back in 2009-- it fascinated me, I enjoyed playing with it, learning about it-- above all, getting my mind around this newfangled thing, networking in digital media. FB is like that old tennis racket gathering cobwebs in the hall closet. It was fun for a time; I don't want to get rid of it, but neither do I have time for it right now. Ditto Twitter. Furthermore, FB seems to me Orwellian in its grabs for information and frequent shifts on its privacy policies. (Mr Zuckerberg, please change your thoroughly horrible gray T-shirt!!) I'm not erasing my FB and twitter accounts, and I'm not saying never, but... meh.

What still floats my boat, as far as digital media goes:
My webpage
My publishing company's webpage
My dad's webpage
Making Kindles and iBooks

In other words, I like making things, both providing content and design. So rather than fiddle around, I'd like to make more things. Stay tuned for the next Marfa Mondays podcast... It's a little overdue but bubbling in the oven.