Monday, January 14, 2013

Cyberflanerie: 20-10 Historia, Hugo Brehme, Robert Darnton on Books, Pat Dubrava on Hillary's Hair, Ikimasho

I love-love-love these coffee table magazines with quality content edited by Mexican historian and publisher Carlos González Manterola
The latest issue is El Mundo Atlántico y la Modernidad Americana. Whose face is that on the cover? Ottobah Cugoano.

An interview with visionary librarian Robert Darnton by Rhys Tranter on the splendid Cardiff Book History blog

Pat Dubrava on one of the great little sideshows of our time (women talk about this more than one might guess): Hillary's hair.

Agustín Cadena, Noticias del mundo sútil

Bodacious cowboy boots out of Brooklyn (via Advanced Style)

More from Advanced Style, another thing to do with peacock feathers .

Must have tattoo: Tattly's Love Watch (in orange, please).

Justin, self-described "wee guy from Tokyo," visits Burma and blogs all about it on "Ikimasho!

More news:
"Hugo Brehme's Timeless Mexico"
A lecture by Susan Toomey Frost
Tuesday, January 29th, 6:30pm
At the Mexican Cultural Institute of Washington DC

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