Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Having Survived the Mayan Apocalypse

Decorate with taxidermied fish!

Think about games vs plays (Lucy Prebble writing in the NYT)

Contemplate the nature of fame (am I the only one who had not heard of Deanna Durbin?)

And the wherewithal of bookbinding (Viva JRR Book Works)

And check out the Esoteric Book Conference, Seattle, September 2013

Watch Jennifer Silva Redmond's short (under 7 minutes) film, 24 Hour Bug

Read Kevin Kelly's blog post on The Technium, "Pre-Globalism."

Read Washington Independent Review of Books

Check out Richard Perry's excellent blog, Exploring Colonial Mexico. He writes, "In the New Year we will begin with an extended series on water and water management in colonial Mexico, focusing on artifacts from aqueducts and fountains to baptismal fonts and basins, with special attention to their forms and decoration."

Listen to Margaret Dulaney on the meaning of earthly life and making passionate choices (January 2013)

Listen to my podcast on podcasting (not tiddly-winking peas!)

~ Happy 2013 ~