Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Cyberflanerie: Michael Ventura, Macaulay Library's Coyote Calls, John Wells' Field Lab blog, Sam Quinones on the Dinastia de El Hamlet

3D printer du jour
The Revolution Will Be Printed, according to Austin Chronicle columnist Michael Ventura, by which he means 3D printed. Buckle up, it's going to be a Mr Toad ride! (So when people don't have jobs anymore, what will they do? Why, what people without jobs have always done! Some grow potatoes and stuff, while others glue themselves to the sofa and watch TV, while others give elaborate dinner parties featuring piles of foie gras! Only it will be printed foie gras, I guess.)

PS Get your 3D printer here.

Via Delia Lloyd's Real Delia blog's Friday reading links, Cornell University's Macaulay Library of sounds, an uber-amazing archive of bird and animal audio. (Love the selection of coyotes.)

Over on his Field Lab blog, John Wells once-upon-a-time-of-New-York-now-of-Terlingua offers his one wise cent. P.S. Catch his podcast interview on Tiny Revolution. PSS Related: H20 Rainwater Harvesting Community.

One of my favorite writers writing on Mexico, San Quinones, offers this fascinating blog post about the dynasty of "El Hamlet."

(Coming soon: printed burgers and robot waiters?)

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