Saturday, February 02, 2013

Cyberflanerie: Wingham Rowan, Art Made by Sheep, Geotica, Sweethoots

Wingham Rowan's TED talk on a new kind of job market-- fascinating.

(Speaking of which, because I'm such a fan of Task Rabbit, I thought I'd try But when I had trouble with the sign up only permitted, apparently, via Google or Facebook (ick), I sent a message via their website and three days later they still have not gotten back to me. So I doubt I'll become a customer. Totally heart the concept, though.)

Gene Logsdon "The Contrary Farmer" on Art Made by Sheep
I'd heard of elephant art...

Oooh, another fabulous font... Geotica

Get out your tinfoil hat and watch the whole kit-n-caboodle: Resonance: Beings of Frequency
Sweethoots on

And speaking of hats, I doubt anyone anywhere offers more peculiarly charming chapeaux than Sweethoots. (My fave? It's a toss up between the Noble Gnome and the Pot of Gold Rainbow. Well, the Little Lamb is also pretty good. Ditto Yoda.)

OK, as soon as I'm done procrastinating I'll finish up the latest Marfa Mondays podcast which is my talk about literary travel writing in the digital age and a reading of my essay from Cenizo Journal, "A Visit to Swan House" -- both my talk for PEN San Miguel, recorded live at the Angela Peralta Theater in San Miguel de Allende.

P.S. Thanks, Pat Dubrava, for adding Madam Mayo to your delightful blog's blog roll.