Monday, April 14, 2014

Cyberflanerie: Mesmerically Mesmeric Edition

Re: Metaphysical Odyssey into the Mexican Revolution. One of the more interesting aspects for me in going through Francisco I. Madero's personal library was the large number of books on mesmerism and, related to that, magnetic healing and hypnotism. In his Spiritist Manual, Madero often talks about invisible vital "fluids"-- a concept straight out of Mesmerism. More about all that anon.

And apropos of all that, over at Greg Kaminsky's excellent and very adventurous podcast series, Occult of Personality, he interviews Lee Gerrard-Barlow, an English Mesmerist, hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner. Gerrard-Barlow provides a rich history of Mesmerism. He also talks about getting past literal interpretations-- key, in my view to approaching any kind of understanding of the esoteric.

And read Gerrard-Barlow's article for Trebuchet, "Modern Day Mesmerism."

Watch some mesmerism in action on Gerrard-Barlow's Arcana Therapies YouTube Channel.
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Some of the books in Madero's personal library:

Filiatre, Jean. Hypnotisme et magnétisme sommanbulisme, suggestion et telépathie influence personalle (cours pratique).
Lambroso, César. El Hipnotismo.
Majewski, Adrien. Mediumnité Guérissant par l'application des fluides électriques magnétiques ey humains. 
Rossi-Pagnoni, M.M. F. and Dr. Moroni. Médniumnité hypnotique.
Rouxel. Rapport du magnetisme et du spiritisme.
Sage, M. Le Sommeil Naturel et l'Hypnose.