Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Cyberflanerie: Solveig Eggerz in Ireland, Poodle Skirts, Chicken Training, Lyme Disease, Financial Bloggers to Save the World, Etc.

Solveig Eggerz, one of my favorite writers, is offering a workshop June 7-13, 2014 in Ireland. Check it out on her workshop page.

(P.S. Listen in anytime to my interview with Eggerz here.)

Amuse-gueule du jour: The Page Turner ( a two minute video)

Whodathunk? Juli Lynn Charlot, the poodle skirt lady, lives in Tepoz!

Can I make my poodle skirt out of hemp? The Contrary Farmer is optimistic. Actually, seriously, this is an important article.

Basel gets a bashin' in the NYT.

Should you ever feel the need to train chickens, Cold Nose College is the place to go.

Ye Olde Lyme disease. Yet another story about suffering and misdiagnosis.

Mr Money Mustache guest-blogs on the quest of financial bloggers to save the world over at Early Retirement Extreme.