Friday, May 23, 2014

Cyberflanerie: Instacart Mexico City, Anti-Surveillance Mask, Lil Crabe the Flying Pretzel Man & etc

Not. I mean, it's not here in Mexico City yet. So my registering and trying out Instacart for a California zipcode was sort of totally pointless except for the fact that, wow, what a user interface!! Years ago I tried a couple of on-line grocery services, they both were bigger headaches than, oh hell, just getting in the car and going over there myself. Seriously, have a look at Instacart's super elegant & easy user interface. 

Also very interesting (this is the economist in me): the implications of such services for the labor market. Seems to me an enterprising student/housewife / retiree could put together a tidy little income from working Instacart, Taskrabbit, etsy and Craig's List, with a much better fit for one's schedule. Downside, of course, is no benefits.

Another amazing user interface is -- which I'll be using shortly for some of my ebooks. Meanwhile, you can get my ebooks on amazon and a few on iTunes-- plus, there's one that is a free PDF download. Check 'em all out here.

>See NYT article on Instacart (via Tyler Cowan's Marginal Revolution).

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