Monday, July 28, 2014

Cyberflanerie: Ken Albala, Ellen Prentiss Campbell, Susan Merrell, Zack Rogow, San Miguel Writers Conference, Oxt, Leslie Wells, Burning Man's Economist

Ken Albala's Food Rant Blog.

My amiga the fabulous writer Ellen Prentiss Campbell interviews Susan Scarf Merrell about her new novel and the influence of Shirley Jackson.

Zack Rogow on Literary Fame
(So true…)
An outstanding example of a cover
designed for Kindle

The new bilingual blog of the San Miguel Writers Conference.

Oxt: the new word that will make your slightly simpler, forever.

"A New York Editor and Author Goes Indie," Leslie Well's eye-opening guest-blog for Jane Friedman. (Love that Kindle cover!)

Stayed tuned for an avalanche of blog posts: Rose Mary Salum's splendid anthology, Lisa Sharp on Cananea, and Araceli Ardón on the magnificent Missions of the Sierra Gorda. And I'm working on Marfa Mondays podcast #14, on the Apaches. Spent the weekend updating the website for my latest book-- more updates to do-- but anyway, check it out here.
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