Monday, May 23, 2016

Energy Arts "Dragon and Tiger" Medical Qigong Online Training

I just completed the 10 week on-line training in "Dragon & Tiger" Qigong. The videos with Bill Ryan and friends are clear and concise, and the package also includes an excellent series of bonus videos with Ryan's teacher, Bruce Frantzis. Highly recommended for any and all--and especially writers, because we writers tend to pool energy in our head while that in the body, left sitting in a chair, stagnates. Qigong wakes it all up and gets it flowing. With a qigong practice of 20 reps of the 7 moves I definitely feel sharper and brighter, both mentally and physically. More anon.

P.S. Slowwwwwly but surely I am working on my book about Far West Texas. Apropos of that, stay tuned for the next podcast, 21 of a projected 24. Listen in anytime to the 20 podcasts posted so far here.

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