Monday, May 16, 2016

Top 28 Posts for Creative Writers By Yours Truly

A bit belatedly, for this was meant to accompany the post on the occasion of this blog's 10th anniversary, herewith a compilation of my top posts for creative writers from 2006 through March 2016.

Most address questions from my workshop students and fellow writers on craft and publishing; a few posts were prompted by my own concerns: I wanted to work out what I thought about Facebook and writers' newsletters, to take two examples. 

May these posts serve you also, dear reader. 

The Secret Ingredient in My Writing Process

Five Super Simple Tips for Better Book Design
Q & A with Independent Publisher Michele Orwin, Founding Editor of Bacon Press Books
It's Not Like Making a Peanut Butter-and-Jelly Sandwich, But it's Not Rocket Science Either, or, How I Made my PODs (And You Can, Too)
How I Published My Kindles
Why Aren't There More Readers? A Note on Curiosity, Creativity, and Courage
So How's the Book Doing? (And How Many Books Have You Sold? And What Was Your Print Run?)
Self Publishing for All the Right Reasons (Reporting on the Writer's Center's "Publish Now!" Seminar)

Writers' Blogs and My Blog ("Madam Mayo"): Eight Conclusions After 8 Years of Blogging

> See also my article Getting Started with Blogs and Websites

+ Podcasting for Writers: To Commit or Not (Or Vaguely?)
+ Adios Facebook! The Six Reasons Why I Deactivated My Account
+ 30 Deadly-Effective Ways to Free Up Bits, Drips & Gimungously Vast Swaths of Time for Writing
+ Why I Am a Mega-Fan of the Filofax (Also on "Cool Tools" blog)

So when is my next writing workshop? Probably not until 2017 because I am at work on my book about Far West Texas. Look for more posts about Texas and, apropos of that book in-progress, my "Marfa Mondays" podcasts. Twenty of a projected 24 podcasts have been posted to date. Listen in anytime.

 Your comments are always welcome. 


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