Monday, January 23, 2017

A Visit to El Paso's "The Equestrian"

This finds me working on the book on Far West Texas, and about to resume the Marfa Mondays podcasts (20 podcasts posted so far, 4 more to go, listen in anytime). I just posted a brief video of my visit last November to see, among other wonders and curiosities, a most extraordinary and controversial statue at the El Paso International Airport. 

Because of the way it is placed, directly behind a grove of extra-fluffy trees, and at the entrance where most drivers, speeding in, are on the lookout for signs, such as rental car return, departures, arrivals or parking, I daresay few passersby would even notice the statue. I myself drove by it more times that I would like to admit before I realized it was there.


Here's my 3 minute video:

My video mentions "The Last Conquistador," a magnificent documentary about this statue and the controversy. Watch the trailer:

POV Interactive offers the first clip of "The Last Conquistador" documentary:

For "Behind the Lens POV PBS"
Cristina Ibarra and John Valadez Talk about the Juan de Oñate Sculpture:

I'll give the sculptor, John Sherrill Houser, the last word, quoting him from the documentary:

"Here it is, look at this and think about it, good and bad, the whole thing. The history."

Update: Houser passed away in 2018. Read his obituary here.

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