Wednesday, July 26, 2006

More Maximiliana: Maximas minimas

A fun book I recently picked up in Mexico City: Maximimas minimas de Maximiliano, [the sayings of Maximilian, 1851-1862] with a prologue by Fernando del Paso. (By the way, my translation of an excerpt from Fernando del Paso's epic novel, Noticias del imperio, appears in Mexico: A Traveler's Traveler's Companion.) Here's a sampling (my translation) from the Maximas minimas:

~It is not good to contemplate great men from up close: as we approach the light, the darker the shadows, and when we become accustomed to this, we are no longer dazzled.

~Fear and ambition are the motors that turn the wheel of the world.

~May your spirit be made of steel, your heart pure gold, your soul a diamond.

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