Saturday, July 15, 2006

Zinkzine Lives!

News from Susan Taylor Chehak, editor of Zinkzine: The all new issue number 9, Summer 2006, is on-line, featuring: Patrcia Brody, Moira Egan, Amy Lemmon, Emily Lloyd, Tatyana Mishel, Marilyn Taylor, and Kathrine Varnes. Kathryn Pope interviewing Brad Kessler, author of Birds in Fall. An excerpt from Birds in Fall, and an excerpt from The Secret Memoirs of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, a novel by Ruth Francisco, and an excerpt from There Will Never Be Another You, a novel by Carolyn See. Go to to start reading ZinkZine.

I love Zinkzine. Susan published some of my work back in 2003-- click here to read "Hell, I Knew It Was Paradise" (an excerpt from Miraculous Air). I found out about her work a few years back through Dan Wickett's Emerging Writers, which back when, was an e-mail newsletter rather than a blog. I bought her book, Don Quixote Meets the Mob: The Craft of Fiction & The Art of Life, which I highly recommend.