Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Madam Mayo Interviewed by BBC TV

As she was out walking Picadou by the Potomac. That's right, a BBC reporter and camerman nabbed me for a 10 second spot. I had to give my name (hint: it's not Madam Mayo), place of residence (Washington DC, at the moment) and say what I think is the most important issue in this Tuesday's elections (the war). I then proceeded to walk on into Gerogetown and as I did, I realized two things. #1: my vote in DC has nothing to do with the war because, duh, as a DC resident, I don't have a voting represenative in Congress and no Senator (if you don't believe that, click here) and anyway, this city is traditionally a slam-dunk Democrat stronghold; #2: I caught my reflection in a store window and saw that my slouchy tweed dog-walking hat and black glasses were, well, oh well.