Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Jim and Judy Tolbert's Baja Books & Maps in San Jose del Cabo

Just back from Jim and Judy Tolbert's splendid second annual all-day Baja Book Event--- readings (I read my translation of Araceli Ardon's story from Mexico: A Traveler's Literary Companion), book signings, and cheese-stuffed bacon-wrapped Medjool dates! This all took place on Sunday at the gorgeous, brand-spanking-new--- they had just painted the sign the day before--- Baja Books & Maps showroom, which is just outside San Jose del Cabo's downtown. The line-up included Yours Truly, Bruce Berger, Michael Mercer, Wendy Rudell, Garth Murphy, and Ed Vernon. The readings were in the palapa-shaded upstairs deck, overlooking the sea. Alas, at the end of the afternoon, I had to hit the highway La Paz and so missed Ed Vernon's slide show, but I have his magnificent book, "Las Misiones Antiguas"--- a photographic and written record of every single mission and several "visitas" on the nearly one thousand mile-long peninsula. This is truly a major contribution to the literature on Baja California. New books to read: Bruce Berger's Facing the Music, Garth Murphy's The Indian Lover, and Wendy Rudell's The Raw Transformation. Jim and Judy, you are bringing something very special to Los Cabos.