Saturday, April 07, 2007

Literal: Spring '07

The spring issue of Literal: Latin American Voices is on the stands. Here's the e-mail announcement from editor Rose Mary Salum:

"Globalization manifests itself not only in a complex of world-wide hegemonies and imperialistic assertions, but also in cultural exchanges and in socioeconomic and political realms. In an attempt to sort through its many dimensions, a melancholic task as George Steiner describes it in an article previously unpublished in Spanish, which today we offer for the first time, this issue dedicates its pages to the analysis of a globalized world and its repercussions, from economic implications to its effects on cinematographic language. We salute this year by welcoming Maarten Van Delden, Yvon Grenier and Adolfo Castañón, who have became members of the Editorial Committee. We also take this opportunity to thank The Council of Editors of Learned Journals for the award Literal received in the category “Best New Scholarly Journal 2006.”

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