Sunday, April 15, 2007

Richard Peabody's Update #2, Plus the Guys "Not Too Shabby, Eh?"

Re: The lists of Women Writers of Washington DC--- the embryonic list; Kim Roberts's update; Richard Peabody's update #1; and now Peabody update #2: Peabody writes:

"Some others I forgot.

Jennifer Allen (George's sis and daughter of the old f-ball coach). She was at peak wave of brat pack with a book of s.s. Grew up here.
Courtney Angela Brkic
Deborah Churchman
Shirley Graves Cochrane
Lucinda Ebersole Her bk of s.s. masquerading as a novel is fab is you haven't read it--Death in Equality.
Susan Jane Gilman (though she just moved away)
Jody Jaffee
Charlotte Manning
Curtis Sittenfeld

Others who used to live here:

Lorraine Adams
Mignon Holland Anderson
Ellyn Bache
Carolyn Banks
Elizabeth Benedict
Jane Bradley
Joanne Brasil (among other things Alice Walker's astrologer)
Eleanor Clark
Inga Dean
Carmen Delzell
Sandy Florian
Nadine Gordimer
Cara Haycak
Pati Hill
Linda Hogan (student and staffer at Md.)
Maria Katzenbach
Pagan Kennedy (went to Holton Arms)
Joyce Reiser Kornblatt
Wendy Law-YoneNatalie Sumner Lincoln
Sara McAulay
Julia Markus
Cate Marvin (poet and fiction writer)
Carole Maso
Claire Messud
Jeanne Schinto
Joanna Scott
Frances Sherwood
Lionel Shriver
Christina Stead
Mollie Best Tinsley
Lisa Zeidner
Laura Zigman

And now for the total hell of it cuz I did work on a DC literay history eons ago a la Ferlinghetti's Literary SF but nobody cared---here's the guys.

Henry Allen
Tom Allen
Bob Angell
Richard Bausch
Robert Bausch
Louis Bayard
Scott W. Berg
Rei Berrora
Sean Brijbasi
Hayes Brown
Peter Brown
Christopher Buckley
Liam Callanan
Kenny Carroll
Tom Carson
Vikram Chandra
Alan Cheuse
Bob Cullen
Richard Currey
John Claiborne Davis
Keith Donohue
Kevin Downs
Bruce Duffy
Sean Enright
Mark Farrington
Juan H. Gaddis
Bill Garrison
Frank Gatling
Brian Gilmore
Robert Giardi
Stephen Goodwin
James Grady
John Greenya (one of the best known DC ghostwriters)
Harvey Grossinger
John Guernsey
Louis Harris
Bill Holland
Dave Housley
Dallas Hudgens
Stephen Hunter
Eugene Jeffers
Edward P. Jones
Tim Junkin
Matt Kirkpatrick
Matthew Klam
Charles B. Larson
Jim Lehrer
Nathan Leslie
Bill Loizeaux
Alex MacLennan
Thomas Mallon
Joe Martin
Julian Mazor
Richard McCann
William McPherson
Mark Merlis
[Matt, your name goes here]
Glenn Moomau
Richard Morris
Kermit Moyer
Terence Mulligan
David Nicholson
Howard Norman
Jose Padua
Jim Patterson
George P. Pelecanos
Steve Piacente
Jim Reed
Frederick Reuss
Jeff Richards
B.B. Riefner
J. R. Salamanca
M.A. Schaffner
Lewis K. Schrager
Mark J. Sullivan III
Matthew Summers-Sparks
David A. Taylor
Ross Taylor (Peter Taylor's son among other things)
Kenneth R. Timmerman (ran a lit ag in Paris and published a novel before going totally GOP)
David Veronese
Tim Wendel
Jim Williamson (in the band Tone)
Terence Winch
Herman Wouk
James Zug
Look for a lot of them to turn up in "Stress City: A Big Book by 50 DC Guys" due out this time next year. My male companion to the Grace & Gravity series.

As for guys who used to live here...

Warren Adler
Robert McBride Allen
David Amsden
Allen Appel
Toby Barlow (He just sold an epic poem/novel about LA werewolves for big $$)
Edward Beach
John Bennett
Ambrose Bierce
James Blish
James Ed Bradley
Bruce Brooks
Chandler Brossard
James M. Cain
Kevin Canty
Kim Chapin
John Cheever
Harold Courlander
Dick Dabney
Roald Dahl
Richard Henry Dana
Philip K. Dick
Owen Dodson
Lloyd C. Douglas
Allen Drury
Jordan Ellenberg
Phillip Finch
Rudolph Fisher
F. Scott Fitzgerald
Shelby Foote
Jonathan Safran Foer
Carlos Fuentes
William Gibson
Richard Grant
Dashiell Hammett
Bret Harte
John Hawkes
Leicester Hemingway
John Hersey
Tony Hillerman
Paul Horgan
Langston Hughes
Ward Just
Walter Karig (Zotz!)
Jack Kerouac
John O. Killens
Larry L. King
Fletcher Knebel
Munroe Leaf (Ferdinand the Bull!)
Mark Leyner
Fritz Leiber
Sinclair Lewis
Arnost Lustig
Don Marquis (Archie & Mehetibal!)
Charles McGarry
Reginald McKnight
Larry McMurtry
John McNally
Michael Mewshaw
Henry Miller (even worked for the W. Post!)
Michael Mooney
Ted Mooney
Hardee Mumms
Raymond Mungo
John Nichols
Matthew Oldshan
William Orem
Charles Plymell
Pedro Ponce
Nicholas Proffit
Thomas Pynchon (one of his best ever s.s. is about DC and it's not collected in Slow Learner)
Seabury Quinn
Neil Ravin
Bob Reiss
Kenneth Roberts (Northwest Passage!)
Kim Stanley Robinson
Bob Shacochis (grew up in Arlington as did Heather McHugh by the by)
Charles Sheffield
Porter Shreve
Upton Sinclair (my h.s. paper interviewed him right before his death)
Frank Slaughter
Wallace Stegner
Somtow Suchariijkutul
Sidney Sulkin (one fo the first writers I ever met, at age 5 cuz his son went to elementary school with me)
Glendon Swarthout
D.M. Thomas (and therein lies a tale)
Ross Thomas
Ernest Thompson
James Thurber (grew up in Falls Church about 2 blocks from the State theater)
Alfred Toombs
Jean Toomer
Mark Twain
Kevin Urick
Gore Vidal
Rudolph von Abele
J. Douglas Wallopp III ( who we owe for Damn Yankees!)
Robert Ward
Robert Penn Warren
Victor Wartofsky
John D. Weaver
James Webb
Ted White
Sloan Wilson
Mark Weingardner
Tom Wolfe
Geoffrey Wolff
Tobias Wolff
Richard Yates

Not too shabby. Ehh?

for fun some other lit folks--Richard Luck (Pif magazine), John Powers (LA film critic), Adam Kulakow (hoolywood screenwriter), Steven Johnson (nf guy), and Thad Zulkowski (mr surf zen)

Majority of these names have a book (or more) out. I haven't even begun to deal with poetry.

Richard Peabody"