Monday, April 02, 2007

Picadou Does Not Like the Gray Whales

Picadou (pictured left) and I have been listening to Ariel Guzik's mind-blowing album "Ballena Gris (Gray Whale)"--- the third track is the voices of a gray whale and its calf, recorded in Baja California's Bahia Magdalena and Laguna San Ignacio. Today's writing project is a paragraph for Longitude Books on the gray whales of Baja California-- apropos of the new paperback edition of my travel memoir, Miraculous Air which Milkweed Editions brings out this month. (Three chapters cover the story of the gray (and other) whales and a very wacky five day visit to Laguna San Ignacio in which, no, alas, I did not pat a whale.) Here's the Wiki. More anon.
Note: blogroll has been updated with novelist Leslie Pietrzyk's excellent new blog, Work in Progress.