Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Gone to the Litblogs: Kim Roberts's Top 5 Litblogs

While Madam Mayo is on blog vacation, DC poet, author of The Kimnama, and Beltway editor Kim Roberts guestblogs:

The Madam asks me about my top 5 blogs. Many of my favorite blogs are ones I have a personal connection to. I guess that's not uncommon (we all like to read blogs in which there's a possibility we might actually get mentioned). But it makes the first half of my list highly subjective. So here goes:

Three favorite blogs by people I know:

1. Vrzhu Bullets of Love
This blog includes some fascinating entries from Michael Gushue on NatPoWriMo (with links to others who also took on the challenge to write a new poem every single day of April, and his last day's poem, a terrific sestina). Dan Vera offers some great entries on the birthdays and death days of famous writers. These guys are also my publishers, so I have a vested interest. And yes, my name can be found in the blog.

2. The Happy Booker
OK--I'm friends with Wendi Kaufman. But I swear this is true: I was reading her blog regularly before we met. I love the focus on the DC literary community. That is not to say the blog is parochial or narrow. Far from it. The Booker is always informative and stimulating. And, in the spirit of full disclosure, I have been a guest blogger. So my name appears.

3. Bill Knott's Blog
I swear that I do NOT appear anywhere in this blog. But Knott was my teacher. And there's not a quirkier sensibility out there. Read these poems!

The second part of my list is arguably not about literature, but some might argue that EVERYTHING is eventually about literature, and I know that I find these blogs inspiring. I have no connection to these people. But I think I'd like them.

4. The Proceedings of the Athanasius Kircher Society
Debunked scientific and medical theories, extreme architecture, anachronistic cooking, strange could easily get lost in this site and never re-emerge. Or re-emerge profoundly changed. This blog is packed with wonder and awe.

5. The Daily Render
Manipulated aerial maps made into beautiful quilt-like patterns by Nikolas Schiller. Some are strikingly beautiful, some are rather sinister. There's an entire section of maps of DC. Among other treats.

I should come clean and say that while I love looking at blogs, I have never, not even once, responded to one on the actual blog site. I am a ghost in the machine. I guess this officially makes me a Blurker. Is that blad?

--- Kim Roberts, Editor, Beltway Poetry Quarterly

Madam Mayo says: Check out Kim Robert's new book, The Kimnama. Here's her upcoming DC book tour: Tonight, Wednesday May 9th at 7pm, Brookland Reading Series, Vrzhu Press reading with Hiram Larew and Kim Roberts, Brookland Visitors Center, 3420 9th St. NE, DC. (202) 526-1632. Hosted by Michael Gushue and Dan Vera. Free Admission. May 24, 7pm, Hiram Larew and Kim Roberts, Coyote Joe's Cafe, 3401 Hartzdale Drive, Camp Hill, PA. (717) 730-0633. Hosted by Alex Hartman and Marty Essworthy. Free Admission. Friday, June 8 at 6:30 pm, Kim Roberts, Candida's World of Books, 1541 14th St. NW, DC. (202) 667-4811. Hosted by Candida Mannozzi. Free Admission. Sunday, June 10 at 2:00 pm, Vrzhu Press Reading: Hiram Larew and Kim Roberts The Writers Center, 4508 Walsh St., Bethesda, MD. (301) 654-8664. For more information or to order a book, please see